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How to engage with prospects on LinkedIn? Interview David Svec

How to engage with prospects on LinkedIn?

Who are you and what is your Story?

Who is David Svec? A dual citizen, both American & Australian, having over 25 years’ experience across the USA, Australia, and Asia Pacific region. Currently based in Sydney Australia, a Chicago native and United States Marine Corps veteran. A global change transformation expert, having completed an Executive MBA with Change Management speciality from UNSW, Australia Graduate School of Management.

Notably my experience is vast, ranging from providing support to front-line active-duty marines, managing everything from equipment, supplies, living and workspaces. Thereafter relocating to Australia working across logistics, sales, and insurance verticals, evolving my leadership capability. Furthermore, significant exposure and expertise gained across the insurance industry, workers compensation and general insurance claims, and global programs management.

My intrinsic core beliefs and ethos empowers my presence, enabling both people and businesses to excel individually and collectively. Especially as “the new normal” perpetuates globally, this is about navigating the interplay of V.U.C.A. environments. Finding Vision within Volatility, Understanding within Uncertainty, Clarity amongst Complexity and Agility within Ambiguity.

Always in service for others, this is underpinned by having perpetual devotion, courage, and commitment to oneself whilst serving others. There is nothing we cannot overcome, which falls part of my DNA, the Marine Corps motto “Semper Fidelis” always faithful. 

How often do you use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a digital presence. I use this daily for global and local engagement. Across industries, businesses, government, educational and social enterprises. 

How to stand out on LinkedIn?

To stand out on LinkedIn have a professional, well presented photo and clear succinct professional narrative. Be clear and own your digital presence by not providing a historical dump, tell your story whilst being clear on what you are looking for by connecting via the LinkedIn platform.

How can we maximize our LinkedIn profile?

To maximise your LinkedIn profile, be present and active. Being present is ensuring your actively engaging with people in your selected networks.

At your determined frequency be creating and sharing relevant content that is both in alignment and provides value.

How has the way you use LinkedIn changed over the last couple years?

Over the last couple years LinkedIn has evolved to become more agile and service offering has expanded with enhanced talent solutions and learning platforms.

When utilised this significantly enhances your Linkedin presence. Like the learning portal with perpetually upskilling with relevant courses, for instance I completed “Creating a Culture of Service” a great course and provided invaluable online learning experience.

You write and edit your own profile on LinkedIn, is it a trustworthy place for information? 

Like any online platform, BEWARE. Only through interaction by message, talking by phone, meeting in person will help you navigate and verify the credibility of the people you are connecting with.

Also never forget it is about collaboration and do not underestimate the LinkedIn value of 1st, 2nd  and 3rd level contacts, using your networks to ensure the trustworthiness is ongoing.

What makes a LinkedIn profile look professional? Can you give us some tips?

Some tips with ensuring your LinkedIn profile looks professional are;

  •  Pick a great background picture, professional
  • Ensure you have a professional photo preferably headshot
  • Clear professional narrative with your current presence and direction
  • Lastly only include relative experience in alignment to professional narrative 

How important is it to have recommendations from others on your profile?

Recommendations are important and ensure from reputable contacts. I highly recommend obtaining a variety across your network in alignment with your experience.

Notably, having recommendations from your current or most recent employment is key and any other industry specific, charity or otherwise further enhances and validates your professional narrative

Are you actively using LinkedIn to share and engage with your high-value prospects?

Currently I am taking a passive approach with my LinkedIn engagement. I have a daily presence and interact with prospects as they or I make contact.

It is paramount you are clear on your reason for contacting prospects before engagement, whereas every interaction will be different, being clear and providing a win-win for both is essential.

What this means it is not all about what you want. Definitely be able to serve others and you will ensure a mutual collaboration that evolves organically for reciprocal benefit.

Lastly, do not be disheartened when people are not ready to engage when you may want as networking is about presence, clarity and engagement and when people are in alignment they will collaborate. Just because they might not be ready at that point in time does not mean they will not engage with you in the future. 

How to create a strong personal brand?

When creating a strong personal brand and specifically a LinkedIn digital presence if you have no clue start by researching online. A lot of invaluable “free” content, training and expertise. If you are time poor, you can engage experts to help you at a cost of course and at a minimum check them out prior to committing.

Notably, both creating a professional branding statement for your LinkedIn summary section, this is a chance to shine and show what makes you an invaluable asset to your network. Furthermore, when creating your professional  branding statement, think about your personal characteristics, abilities, and skills you have that clearly articulate your presence. Lastly, show you are an authority and join relevant LinkedIn groups, being a thought leader, influencer in your field of expertise and providing a presence within these relevant groups is a great sustainable way to evolve your personal brand. 

How to build a broad AND relevant LinkedIn network?

Specifically, with building a “broad” and “relevant” LinkedIn network it is about being clear on both your professional narrative and current direction. As I have spoken about, go beyond your local or national networks and go Global!

Network with organisations, associations, universities, creative and training institutions like IDEO. This is unlimited, though most important interlinked with your professional narrative . 

What is your process to generate quality leads from LinkedIn?

Whilst I do not have the million-dollar formula to generating quality leads from LinkedIn though I will say this. Through my passive daily interaction and continual exchange of ideas whilst increasing my network has provided me endless opportunities that are in alignment with my current trajectory.

As I am seeking permanent employment whilst investigating social enterprise concepts, I have gained immediate access to employment opportunities whilst gaining invaluable exposure and expertise from people within both not-for-profit and social enterprise space.

Simply, it is about being genuine, present, and serving others.

What is the best way to engage with your audience?

The best way to engage your audience is being present, providing a diverse mixture of relevant and creative content. Not always business, be funny, be thought provoking, be visual with photos or videos.

It is about striking effective mojo, providing value to your network whilst perpetuating your value and presence. 

How do you create content to add value and amplify your expertise?

Creating valuable digital content to amplify your expertise is important and if you are not an expert with creating then seek out the relevant training, equipment, and professional advice to help you evolve your capability. Like video recording and editing software, good microphones etc. There are no hard and fast rules, it really depends on how you do this.

At the moment I share daily relevant articles, edgy quotes, news both local and globally in alignment with my Change Transformation presence. 

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Do you want more leads?

With ColdInbox you can send automated LinkedIn messages to your high-value prospects.

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