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How to maximize your LinkedIn profile? Interview Taylor Wright

HoHow to maximize your LinkedIn profile?w to maximize your LinkedIn profile?

Who are you and what is your Story?

Hey, I’m Tay. I’ve been in the social media marketing space for over 8 years, giving me opportunities to gain experience working across global companies, small business and startups, in a variety of industries. These days, I work as a creative digital marketer specialising across social media, content and communications. 

I’m a lover of social media marketing and building brand affinity. I am passionate about driving meaningful conversations and making a positive impact in the world. I believe in innovative storytelling to deliver your brand’s message through a creative and out of the box framework.

How often do you use LinkedIn?

To build an established presence across LinkedIn, it’s important that you commit to becoming a ‘regular’. Just like your local cafe knows you for your daily dose of caffeine, LinkedIn should be seeing the same commitment. 

I aim to establish a regular cadence which pushes me to check the platform three times a day. Most activity happens just before people start the work day, post-lunch and just before close of business. By using this rationale and visiting LinkedIn during peak times, you are more likely to see updates in your feed and Groups that are uber relevant to you, your brand and your passions. 

How to stand out on LinkedIn?

Here are 5 tips to stand out on LinkedIn

  1. Everything you say or create should have your target audience in mind
  2. All connection requests should come with a custom message
  3. Ditch likes for comments – get involved 
  4. Show up every single day without fail 
  5. There’s nothing more powerful than being your true authentic self

How can we maximize our LinkedIn profile?

Your LinkedIn profile is more important than ever with people using the platform to find  potential prospects, partners and new talent for their business. Take advantage of the real estate available on your LinkedIn profile by leaving no stone unturned. 

  • Profile Image and Background Cover Image — Take advantage of this massive piece of digital real estate by including visuals that represent you and your brand. Your profile photo should be professional while your cover image is a space to communicate key messages or highlight key products or service offerings. 
  • Headline and Summary — Your headline should use the most relevant keywords because that allows people to find you and your specialisation easier when searching within LinkedIn. Your summary is where you let your personality shine. Use this space to showcase a bit about yourself, your past experience, your skills and future ambitions.  
  • Experience — This isn’t a resume dump. Use the 2000 characters available to outline  your responsibilities, achievements and tasks. Remember that keywords are key here as this section counts for LinkedIn’s internal search engine.

How has the way you use LinkedIn changed over the last couple years?

As a digital marketer, I understand the value and importance in establishing, building and maintaining an online presence. For me, LinkedIn began as a platform simply for job searching. If I was happy in a role, there would be very little reason for me to log on and my social media personality could accurately be described as the ‘ghost’. 

As my career progressed, I realised that networking and success go hand in hand. Proactively building and maintaining relationships became LinkedIn’s key function for my career. Fast forward to running my own business, and those long term relationships maintained over LinkedIn have paid dividends. 

You write and edit your own profile on LinkedIn, is it a trustworthy place for information? 

These days, LinkedIn has become a platform for wheeling and dealing. From recruiting new roles to finding business partners, there is no better platform for quickly assessing professional references, employment history or any other useful information. 

Being able to spot a fake account on LinkedIn is no different than any other social platforms. Look out for warning signs such as no profile image, incomplete profile details or 0 connections. The biggest giveaway which can help you determine if a profile is untrustworthy is their lack of connections. As a general rule, steer clear of profiles with less than 100 connections. 

For the tick in the final ‘trustworthiness’ box, do as you would with any other connection in real life. Schedule a phone call or video conference to ask the appropriate questions and ensure your interests are aligned across your mutual objective. 

What makes a LinkedIn profile look professional? Can you give us some tips?

First impressions are crucial, especially when it comes to your LinkedIn profile. It takes less than 1 minutes for someone to decide whether you are a worthwhile connection. In order to make a lasting impression, you want to ensure that you are filling out the most basic items of a LinkedIn profile. This includes adding a profile image, completing your summary and detailing the past 5 years of relevant job experience. However, you can stand out from the crowd by going beyond basics. Here are my top 3 tips. 

Tip #1: Use the featured section — By utilising this feature you can add documents, photos, videos and presentations that showcase your best work. Visuals are more important than you may think. 

Tip #2: Use data — Employers want to see the impact you have made on a business or project and using statistically significant data is an impressive and easy way to show off. If you increased productivity for your team by 50%, say that. If you drove a 25% increase in bookings across your target market, mention it. 

Tip #3: Go overkill on skills — With skills, the more the merrier. Not only will including all your relevant skills (both soft and hard) show off your expertise but it will also ensure that you appear in key searches.

How important is it to have recommendations from others on your profile?

The recommendations section is the only part of your profile that allows for someone other than yourself to give you credibility. Nothing looks better than a recommendation that outlines your values, skills and work ethic from a person of merit. This is particularly important when you are transitioning roles and potential employers are perusing your profile. 

It is also paramount to consider how your recommendations appear on your page. If you currently have 0 recommendation on your page, don’t panic and start sending off heaps of recommendation requests. Instead, be mindful and considerate about who you choose to make the requests to and how often you do it. Having a mix of managers, direct reports, internal and external recommendations is a fabulous way to show you are a well rounded individual. 

Remember, the best way for recommendations to happen is naturally. Ask for recommendations when you are working closely with someone, leaving a role or finishing up a long-term project. 

How to create a strong personal brand?

Authenticity should be at the forefront of your mind when you think of the phrase ‘personal brand.’ In order for a personal brand to be truly personal, it is essential to come across as a leader and mentor who can resonate with others through trust and integrity. An incredible way to lean into transparency is to tell your personal story. Be human, be relatable, and show integrity. 

Secondly, being consistent is integral. Show up on LinkedIn on a daily or weekly basis. Create content that provides value and resonates with the topics your audience is interested in. Be responsive by answering all comments or questions coming from your connections. 

Using bots or adding irrelevant connections is not the best way to create a valuable following. It’s necessary to remember that even slow growth is still growth. 

How to build a broad AND relevant LinkedIn network?

Developing, creating and publishing relevant content on a consistent basis is the best way to build a broad and relevant LinkedIn network. Try testing out different formats like video, text, image, documents, podcasts and presentations. Testing and learning what works best is  a great way to connect with potential audiences. In a fast paced digital world, keep in mind that utilising both long-form and short-form content types is an effective way to grow your network. 

Secondly, while company pages are passive, personal pages are active. This allows you to  make connections with people in relevant industries. Connect with people in your relevant industry, with active and professional profiles on a weekly basis. 

What is your process to generate quality leads from LinkedIn?

As the only professional network, LinkedIn is an incredible platform for generating quality leads to drive your business goals and objectives. Building and maintaining relationships can be an extremely effective tool. Here are a few ways to drive valuable leads. 

  • Optimise your profile — By standing out from the crowd with an optimised profile, you are more likely to build relevant and professional connections.
  • Invite connections to your Company page — LinkedIn permits for 100 invites to your Company page per month. This allows your connection to see your content from two sources that lead back to your business objective. The more views on your content, the better. 
  • View profiles of potential clients — Create a targeted list of people who could be potential leads and visit their profiles. They will receive a notification that you have viewed their profile and if they feel you could be a valuable connection, you just might receive a connection request.
  • Add a note to all connection requests — Always add a memorable and personal note when you reach out for a connection. This personalised experience will mean you are more likely to generate leads and convert those connections to paying clients.

What is the best way to engage with your audience?

Properly engaging with your audience is an incredible way to raise brand awareness and boost traffic to your business or brand. Beyond being authentically human and having a polished profile, there are some easy ways to drive further engagement on your content. 

  1. Ask questions — Including questions in your LinkedIn copy is a unique way to drive conversations on your content. Ask your network for their opinion, advice or tips in relation to the topic you are pursuing. 
  2. Comment thoughtfully —  A like does not drive the conversation forward, a comment does. Ensure you are listening to what your audience has to say and responding thoughtfully and consciously. Copy and pasting a response makes you sound more like a bot than a human.  
  3. Test out polls — Polls can be divisive which is what makes them a great conversation starter. In addition, you have reduced the barrier to engage because people are more likely to partake in a poll than comment as less effort is required. 
  4. Utilise hashtags — Hashtags make your content more discoverable and more likely for engagement from people outside your network. This can lead to potential networking opportunities or valuable connection requests. 
  5. Utilise tags — Tagging people or companies means your content is more likely to be shared which in turn enhances and increases overall reach.  

How do you create content to add value and amplify your expertise?

When creating content you should always ask yourself whether this is going to align with the interest of your brand or your audience. Think about whether or not this will be helpful or valuable to your audience. Try to understand if it will help make their jobs easier or make a positive impact in their day. Essentially, if you are teaching your network a lesson ensure that it is adaptable and can be applied to their own careers or lives. 

Again, go back to your personal brand. Every piece of content you put out into the world should align with your personal brand and expertise. For example, if you are a business owner like myself, you want to create content around the problems that your prospects go through on a day-to-day basis in relation to their industry. For instance, I work frequently with small business owners struggling to maintain a social media presence. I might create content around ways to reduce the amount of time spent and money spent on developing advertising creative. By publishing this type of super helpful and relevant content, I know that I am helping my network in a tangible and tactical way. 

Lastly, create content that positions yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You can do this by showing up for your audience and staying true to your purpose. Your content always should stand up for the things you’re passionate about. 

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Do you want more leads?

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